Corporate Governance


The Anvil Capital approach to governance achieves the following objectives:

(b) Provides our clients with:

  • A transparent view of management decision making.
  • Comfort and evidence that our promises are being honoured.
  • The ability to exercise control when required, and
  • Participation in decision making as appropriate.

Our compliance and governance framework comprises the following key components:

1. Aligned Remuneration

A bespoke fee regime that rewards results and ensures an iron-cast alignment of interest between clients and Anvil Capital.

2. Investment Democracy

Our Investment Clubs feature:

  • Client-led investment committees.
  • Investor referendums on issues of significance.

Within our Tailored Private Account service, the client decides on the level of control they require.

3. Supervision and Transparency

The best investment decisions are made within an environment of robust review.

Each investment club will feature:

  • An Independent Compliance Committee.
  • Oversight by independent experts.
  • Best practice client reporting.